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Glossary of Fabrics & Textile Terms

In our Fabric Textile Glossary you can find definitions and detailed descriptions of all fabrics for clothing, tailoring and fashion available on new tess online shop.

  • Chiffon

    Chiffon is produced with the finest silk yarn available, called hair silk, highly spun 2S-2Z both in warp and weft.
    Very fine, transparent, soft, vaporous.
    Plain weave.

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  • Cotton sateen stretch

    Also known as Satin stretch, Satin, Sateen stretch. Made with a warp of very dense pure cotton and weft of cotton spun with elastomer. Satin weave. Semi-lustrous appearance. Suitable for dresses, trousers, jackets and overcoats either elegant or sporty.

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  • Crêpe Microfiber

    Every single thread is made of hundreds of filaments. The yarn is very tightly spun creating a product that combines the softness and practicality of microfiber with a crisp touch. Water washable. Will not fade. Will retains its look and texture. Perfect for dresses, trousers, suits, skirts and overcoats.

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  • Crêpe Satin

    Also known as Satin or Crêpe sateen. Crepe fabric with satin weave. The warp is lustrous and shows off all the characteristics of the silk. The weft is matte silk crepe, spun alternating S and Z. Fundamental characteristic is the lightness and fluidity. The satin side is the outside, but the reverse with its slight orange-peel aspect can also be used. The fabric structure lends itself to any cut or style. Suitable for anything from underwear to evening styles or bridal gowns.

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  • Crêpe de Chine

    The warp is shiny silk and the weft is silk crepe high twist yarn spun alternating 2S-2Z. Plain weave.
    Matte weft contrasts the shine of the warp.
    The twist gives a “bubbly” orange-peel look typical of this fabric.
    Suitable for shirts, chemisier, dresses.
    Particularly enhances draped dresses.

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  • Crêpe de Chine Stretch

    Plain-woven fabric highlights the contrast between the shine of the warp and the matte weft. Characteristic of this fabric is the fine weft in soyeline, silk crepe spun with an elastomer that lends practicality and ease. Many different uses from underwear to shirts, from blouses to dresses.

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  • Crepon

    Very light pure silk fabric with irregular folds that give an embossed look, similar to the bark of a tree.
    Semi-matt, it is usually accompanied by prints with a tie design or floral motifs.
    Crepon fabric, thanks to its wavy and “wrinkled” surface, has the great advantage of not creasing.

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  • Dogaressa

    Ribbed fabric in pure silk. Warp is in organzino yarn with many threads per centimeter. Weft is lustrous silk. The effect of the fabric is created by the characteristic raised rib semi-lustrous warp. Yarn of both warp and weft are yarn-dyed giving quality and richness. Structured hand. Excellent for skirts, dresses, both day and evening jackets, wedding gowns and evening styles.

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  • Drap

    Our drap, also called cady is a fabric made on lustrous silk warp yarns with a weave that is double face in weft. The weft is matte silk crepe that covers almost all of the shine of the warp. Suitable for skirts, trousers, dresses and jackets. A true all-around fabric for both day and evening.

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  • Duchesse

    Also known as Satin, Duchesse sateen or Duchess satin. Refined fabric with yarn-dyed organza yarn warp with many threads per centimeter. Yarn-dyed silk weft. Fundamental characteristic is the compact semi-lustrous warp. Sustained hand is given by an artisan finishing process. Satin weave. Perfect for dresses, both day and evening, elegant skirts and jackets, bridal gowns. Its particular structure follows the figure.

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  • Faille

    Fine-ribbed fabric made with a very rich yarn-dyed organzino warp. The weft is yarn-dyed chappe silk. Quality is given by the yarns used and the thin ribbed look. Sustained hand. Perfect for both elegant day and evening. Very suitable for ceremony or wedding dresses.

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  • Gabardine Stretch

    Also known as Gabardine diagonal weave or Two-way stretch. Made with 100% pure virgin wool fiber spun with very fine nylon and elastomer. Batavia weave that is also called “levantina” for wool fabrics. Slight stretch both in warp and weft makes this fabric truly comfortable. Usable in many seasons, from fall to spring, for dresses, jackets, trousers, perfect for suits.

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  • Georgette

    Produced with silk crepe high twist yarn both in warp and weft alternating 2S-2Z. Transparent and matte, it is a fluid yet crisp fabric, soft and shivery at the same time. Slightly raised effect. Plain weave. For blouses, lined dresses and lingerie. Lightweight and transparent, but with a structured hand, suitable for making vaporous dresses with overlapping effects made by using more than one layer.

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  • Heavy Microfiber

    Produced with yarn made from ultra fine fibers. It has a very delicate diagonal aspect. The fundamental characteristic is the fluidity and practicality. Water washable, fast drying, will not fade or shrink. It is a soft, smooth, almost velvety fabric that can be used for varied uses: dresses, trousers, jackets.

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  • Lightweight cotton sateen stretch

    Also known as Satin or Stretch cotton sateen. Fabric with dominant warp, the weave pattern gives shine and a clean, smooth look. Weft yarn spun with an elastomer makes the fabric comfortable. Good for making skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets and overcoats.

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  • Lightweight Microfiber

    Woven with microfiber yarn spun from extremely fine fibers and it resembles an elegant cady. Comfortable and functional. Washable in water. No fading or shrinking. Suitable for dresses, jackets, trousers, suits and overcoats.

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  • Linen Blend

    Also known as Plain-weave linen blend. Made with a pure linen warp and linen-viscose blend with elastomer for the weft. Plain weave. The quality feature is the slub texture typical of linen both in warp and weft. The shaded effect lends freshness to each garment, for suits, jackets, skirts, trousers and overcoats.

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  • Linen Canvas

    Linen is a very ancient fibre, its main features are its natural irregularities, its hydroscopic capacity that makes it ideal against the skin, its brilliance, ease of maintenance and it is one of the most hygienic fibres in existence.
    This fabric is especially valuable since it is made with a particularly fine linen and it is yarn dyed, which means yarn was dyed before being woven.
    Suitable for various models, from shirt to dress.

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  • Organza

    Plain weave fabric, thin, transparent with a stiff hand. Fundamental characteristic is the hand created by the sericin or outer part of the silk, also called raw silk. Matte appearance. Suitable for many uses and dress making interpretations, from blouses to dresses, bridal gowns and dresses for ceremonies.

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  • Piquet Stretch

    Also known as Piquet o Piquet stretch. Produced with a pure cotton warp with a weft that alternates cotton spun with elastomer and a larger gauge cotton to create the effect of the typical true piquet weave. Suitable for skirts, suits, trousers, dresses, jackets and overcoats.

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  • Radzemire

    Also known as Radzmire o Radzimir.
    Fabric with yarn-dyed organzino in both warp and weft. Warp coverage three times greater than weft.
    Very prestigious, Batavia weave, structured hand, semi-lustrous appearance.
    Suitable for skirts, elegant outerwear, structured dresses and bridal gowns.

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  • Sequins

    Fabric characterized by the application of sequins, micro colored discs with a high reflective property. Sequins, which vary in size, shape and colour, give shine and brilliance to the fabric.
    These small details of light can be sewn or applied to the fabric following specific geometric patterns or floral patterns.
    Sequined decorations are suitable for making dresses for special events and occasions, but also to give lustre and elegance to formal dresses.

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  • Shantung Satin

    Also known as Sateen shantung, Satin or Shantung. Produced on raw silk warp threads, the weft is Shantung silk also called Dupioni. Satin weave in warp with many threads per centimeter. Can be used on both sides. The semi-matte look is given by the matte warp and shiny weft. Hand is sustained, typical of organzas. Suitable for both day and evening elegant garments.

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  • Silk Satin Stretch

    Also known as Satin or Sateen. Made with very closely spaced warp threads of lustrous silk and a weft of satin crepe spun with a fine elastomer called soyeline. Satin weave. Principal features are fluidity and comfort. A marvellous fabric, from blouse to mermaid dress, from dress to slip.

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  • Taffeta

    Also known as Plain weave taffeta. Fine fabric made with yarn-dyed organzino yarn both in warp and weft. Semi-lustrous aspect. Sustained, crisp hand. Plain weave. One of the characteristics is the typical rustling sound that the pure silk fabric makes when the wearer moves. For dresses, jackets, sophisticated bridal gowns and refined evening dresses.

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  • Wool Crêpe

    Also known as Crepe or Sablé. Fabric in 100% pure virgin wool crepe. In sablè weave, it has an elegant hand and a timeless look. Besides giving the fabric supple, fluid hand, the wool crepe yarn does not pill. Perfect for sheath dresses, also good for skirts, ample classic trousers, jackets, overcoats. You’ll catch everyone’s eye.

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  • Wool Double Crêpe

    Also known as Crepella crepe or Double-face crepe. Fabric in 100% pure virgin wool. Both warp and weft yarns are spun with a twist that creates a light hand. The double face gives the possibility to create high fashion garments since stitching can be made invisible. Tubular double cloth weave. Clean non-fuzzy look. Fine, sophisticated, perfect both in strong colours and elegant garments, perfect for an evening at the theatre.

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  • Wool Stretch

    Also known as Sablé stretch satin or Satin crepe. Very special fabric made with a warp that alternated pure wool crepe worked in sablè weave on one side and a low twist pure virgin wool yarn worked in satin weave on the other side. The weft is a wool crepe spun with fine nylon and elastomer. Satin/sablè weave. Right side is the sablè crepe but it is possible to use the fabric with the satin face out. Perfect fabric for dresses, jackets, trousers and overcoats. Pure virgin wool combined with comfort lets you create comfortable, classic garments.

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