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PANTONE Color of the Year 2024

The Pantone Color Institute has unveiled the color of the year 2024, and the undisputed star is the captivating “Peach Fuzz” (PANTONE 13-1023). This peach hue introduces a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for transforming garments into true works of art.

“Peach Fuzz” is more than just a color; it’s an invitation to nurture our creativity and embrace a modern aesthetic. With its intrinsic delicacy and warmth, this shade offers a unique sensory experience, enveloping the wearer in a hug of timeless elegance and youthfulness.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, emphasizes the kindness and emotional connection that “Peach Fuzz” evokes. The choice of this nuance is not random; it aims to communicate an invitation to empathy and human connection through the universal language of color.

At new tess, you can discover exclusive fabrics that embrace the 2024 color trend. One example is our precious pure silk shantung satin 000012, available in a captivating peachy pink color. Its supported hand and rough appearance, with a natural irregularity that makes it unique, make it perfect for elegant day or evening garments, elevating Italian textile art to new heights of sophistication.

Among the options, our fabric UN001308 stands out, a splendid shiny-matte jacquard fabric made of linen and silk, in the delicate shade of peach pink. The tone-on-tone floral pattern adds a chic touch, while the noble yarns accentuate its excellence, making it perfect for creating elegant dresses.

For a refined and ethereal touch, our floral jacquard fil coupé UN001377 in a cotton-silk blend, with a very light blue dégradé on an organized salmon pink base, is ideal for suggestive evening outfits or dreamy wedding dresses.

For a romantic and chic blouse or dress you can choose our peach silk crepe de chine, offered in two different floral patterns: ST000039 or ST000041.

Our peach Dogaressa, radzemire, and linen blend, complete the range of new tess fabrics, offering versatile options to translate “Peach Fuzz” into timeless creations. These exclusive fabrics allow for exploring endless design possibilities, from crafting elegant ceremony dresses and wedding gowns to creating casual and refined pieces for everyday wear. The intrinsic richness and quality of our dogaressa, the charm of radzemire, and the versatility of linen blend open the doors to a world of creative possibilities, allowing everyone to embrace the enveloping spirit of “Peach Fuzz” through garments that stand out for style, elegance, and a touch of timeless modernity.

Indulge in the soft sophistication and modern allure of this on-trend hue with our peach pink fabrics, perfect for creating stylish ensembles that reflect contemporary elegance.

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