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new tess wedding dress fabrics | Tessuti per abiti da sposa | Tissus pour robe de mariée

White fabrics

Buy online our top quality white fabrics for apparel and fashion.

The colour white includes all the colours of the light spectrum.
It evokes purity and spirituality. It is a symbol of Paradise and Eternity. Precisely for this reason, in Western culture it is often used in religious ceremonies, and is the classic color of wedding dresses.

White is also a symbol of peace and hope.
In the tissues it takes on different shades if opticated or off-white. It is beautiful in total white look, as well as combined with any other colour, often inserted to give “breath” and “opening” to the design.

New tess offers a wide selection of white fabrics in silk, cotton, linen, wool and polyester.

Not sure about which shade of white best fits you? Order our free sample sets.

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