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Green linen fabrics for dressmaking | new tess

Linen fabrics

Explore our selection of premium quality Linen Fabrics for apparel and fashion, perfect for creating dresses, blouses, trousers, skirts, jackets and light coats.

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  • Chambray Rigato TC000988

    Chambray Rigato TC000988

    100% LI
    147 cm 170 g / m
  • Chambray Rigato TC000987

    Chambray Rigato TC000987

    100% LI
    147 cm 170 g / m
  • Chambray Rigato TC000986

    Chambray Rigato TC000986

    100% LI
    147 cm 170 g / m
  • Ikat Coupé UN001320

    Ikat Coupé UN001320

    82% CO, 18% LI
    131 cm 223 g / m
  • Rombi Coupé UN001305

    Rombi Coupé UN001305

    61% CO, 39% LI
    133 cm 189 g / m
  • Garza Impuntura UN001299

    Garza Impuntura UN001299

    71% SE, 29% LI
    145 cm 72 g / m
  • Jacquard Fettuccia UN001303

    Jacquard Fettuccia UN001303

    80% LI, 11% SE, 9% PA
    146 cm 170 g / m
  • Floreale Matrix UN001297

    Floreale Matrix UN001297

    80% LI, 20% SE
    148 cm 170 g / m
  • Floreale Lucido Opaco UN001308

    Floreale Lucido Opaco UN001308

    60% LI, 40% SE
    156 cm 168 g / m
  • Tela Lino Stretch Grappoli Fiori ST000496

    Tela Lino Stretch Grappoli Fiori ST000496

    64% LY, 36% LI
    150 cm 207 g / m
  • Tela Lino Stretch Rose ST000498

    Tela Lino Stretch Rose ST000498

    64% LY, 36% LI
    150 cm 207 g / m
  • Tela Lino Stretch Anemoni ST000497

    Tela Lino Stretch Anemoni ST000497

    64% LY, 36% LI
    150 cm 207 g / m
  • Tela Astratto Pelle ST000470

    Tela Astratto Pelle ST000470

    64% CO, 36% LI
    157 cm 130 g / m
  • Floreale Astratto UN001240

    Floreale Astratto UN001240

    58% PL, 15% CO, 15% LI, 12% SE
    150 cm 446 g / m
  • Jacquard Spalmatura ST000374

    Jacquard Spalmatura ST000374

    40% CO, 39% LI, 21% SE
    142 cm 294 g / m
  • Tela Geo Fantasia ST000326

    Tela Geo Fantasia ST000326

    53% LI, 47% CO
    141 cm 159 g / m

On new tess online shop you can find a wide offer of premium quality linen fabrics in plain colors, in continuous supply.

We also offer a wide selection of fancy fabrics in 100% pure linen or in linen blends in various patterns, weights and colors.

Linen is a natural fiber made from the stalk of a flax plant. It was the first fiber used to weave fabric and dates back over 8,000 years. It was considered a symbol of purity, light and wealth.

Characteristics of linen

Carachterized by natural irregularities, linen has exceptional properties: it softens the more it is used and washed, is extremely durable, has a high moisture absorbency, which make it ideal for wearing next to the skin; its fibres are anti-static and hypoallergenic.

Flax is also an environmentally sustainable fiber as the plants require limited use of herbicides, fertilisers and pesticides and limited use of water.

Western Europe is the world's largest producer of flax fiber: France, Belgium and the Netherlands account for 80% of production.

Searching for the perfect linen fabric for dressmaking?

new tess offers a wide selection of high-quality plain, printed and jacquard linen fabric, made in Italy and sold online by the metre.
They are suitable for dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers, jackets and light coats.

To see in-person the colors and texture of our linens you can order our free sample sets (available only for plain fabrics in continuous supply).

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