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new tess beautiful silk chiffon fabrics | Splendidi tessuti chiffon di pura seta

Silk fabrics

Discover our huge selection of fine Italian silk fabrics for dressmaking, fashion, wedding dresses and couture, sold online by the metre.

Only with us you can find such a wide offer of the best Italian silk fabrics in plain colours, yarn-dyed or piece-dyed, in continuous supply.
We also offer a wide selection of fancy fabrics in 100% pure silk or in silk blends: stunning jacquards, printed crepes, georgettes and satins, intricate brocades and sumptuous velvets.

Definition of silk

Silk is a natural protein fiber that has always been considered a symbol of luxury and elegance.
Discovered in ancient China, where it was reserved for use by emperors and dignitaries, silk is considered the “queen of fabrics” thanks to its natural beauty and many properties.

The Chinese maintained a monopoly on silk production for thousands of years, exporting to Europe and the Middle East via the legendary Silk Road. It was only at the time of Crusades that Italy became known for its sericulture (silk production).
Today China is once again the largest producer of silk. For more information about our suppliers, you can read our brochure “Clerici Tessuto’s journey towards sustainability“.

Characteristics of silk

Silk retains its shape, drapes well, caresses the figure, shimmers with a luster all its own, is naturally hypoallergenic, yet is still breathable; it has good absorbency and reduces humidity, which makes it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Searching for the perfect silk fabric for dressmaking?

Silk comes in a huge array of weights, textures and styles.
Choosing the right one for your project depends on the use of the garment, the type of texture and drape you're looking for, and your sewing skills.
You can find more information on silk fabric in our Textile Glossary.

Our fine silk fabrics or silk-blend fabrics are ideal for dresses, evening gowns, special occasion and formal wear, bridal dresses, skirts, blouses and tops, trousers, elegant jackets and light coats, lingerie.

Types of silk

At our online store, you can find the following silks:
Chiffon | Crêpe de Chine | Crêpe de Chine Stretch | Crêpe Satin | Cady / Drap | Dogaressa | Double Shantung | Duchesse satin | Faille | Georgette | Habutai | Organza | Mikado | Radzemire | Satin Stretch | Shantung satin | Taffeta

Organic Silk fabrics

We sell online two eco-friendly GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified 100% pure silk fabrics: georgette and satin.
In order to produce our organic silk all production processes are totally traceable from the mulberry trees to the spinning, weaving and dyeing with no toxic chemical products, in full respect of the social and environment responsibility.

Coloured Silk – Choosing the right colour

We have the largest selection of yarn-dyed and piece-dyed silk sold online.

In order to choose the most suitable colour and silk type for your sewing project, you can order our free Sample Sets (available only for plain fabrics in continuous supply).

  • Crepe Lamè UN001382new

    Crepe Lamè UN001382

    77% SE, 23% PM
    134 cm 62 g / m
  • Crepe Satin UN001383new

    Crepe Satin UN001383

    100% SE
    131 cm 109 g / m
  • Creponne Floreale Coupé UN001380

    Creponne Floreale Coupé UN001380

    56% SE, 34% PL, 10% PM
    131 cm 156 g / m
  • Pannello Coupé Degradé UN001379

    Pannello Coupé Degradé UN001379

    55% CO, 30% SE, 15% PA
    134 cm 134 g / m
  • Pannello Coupé Degradé UN001378

    Pannello Coupé Degradé UN001378

    55% CO, 30% SE, 15% PA
    134 cm 134 g / m
  • Pannello Coupé Degradé UN001377

    Pannello Coupé Degradé UN001377

    55% CO, 30% SE, 15% PA
    134 cm 134 g / m
  • Pannello Cloqué Floreale UN001376

    Pannello Cloqué Floreale UN001376

    40% PL, 35% AC, 15% SE, 10% PA
    139 cm 173 g / m
  • Jacquard Erbario UN001375

    Jacquard Erbario UN001375

    60% PL, 15% PM, 15% SE, 10% PA
    132 cm 153 g / m
  • Jacquard Erbario UN001374

    Jacquard Erbario UN001374

    60% PL, 15% PM, 15% SE, 10% PA
    132 cm 153 g / m
  • Jacquard Rose Lamé UN001373

    Jacquard Rose Lamé UN001373

    44% SE, 24% AC, 16% PA, 16% PL
    132 cm 83 g / m
  • Jacquard Rose Lamé UN001372

    Jacquard Rose Lamé UN001372

    44% SE, 24% AC, 16% PA, 16% PL
    132 cm 83 g / m
  • Pekin Riga UN001358

    Pekin Riga UN001358

    56% SE, 44% CO
    89 cm 66 g / m
  • Raso Etnico Coupè UN001357

    Raso Etnico Coupè UN001357

    60% VI, 40% SE
    137 cm 104 g / m
  • Barrè Cordonetto Etnico UN001369

    Barrè Cordonetto Etnico UN001369

    59% SE, 41% VI
    135 cm 121 g / m
  • Fiori Coupè Cotone UN001365

    Fiori Coupè Cotone UN001365

    57% SE, 42% CO, 1% PL
    127 cm 205 g / m
  • Chevronne Fluido Coupè UN001361

    Chevronne Fluido Coupè UN001361

    53% SE, 47% VI
    126 cm 142 g / m
  • Unito Cannettè Lamè UN001362

    Unito Cannettè Lamè UN001362

    74% PA, 18% SE, 5% CO, 3% PM
    111 cm 234 g / m
  • Barrè Lamè Coupè Effetto Frange UN001360

    Barrè Lamè Coupè Effetto Frange UN001360

    74% SE, 25% VI, 1% PM
    131 cm 92 g / m
  • Lucido Opaco Barrè UN001359

    Lucido Opaco Barrè UN001359

    100% SE
    144 cm 93 g / m
  • Unito Doppia Faccia UN001368

    Unito Doppia Faccia UN001368

    47% CO, 38% PL, 15% SE
    139 cm 277 g / m
  • Organza Fiocchetto Coupè UN001366

    Organza Fiocchetto Coupè UN001366

    95% SE, 5% PA
    150 cm 110 g / m
  • Crepe de Chine Etnico Coupè UN001367

    Crepe de Chine Etnico Coupè UN001367

    67% CO, 33% SE
    139 cm 288 g / m
  • Jacquard Fluido Foresta UN001371

    Jacquard Fluido Foresta UN001371

    46% SE, 38% PL, 16% CO
    131 cm 287 g / m
  • Georgette Floreale ST000699

    Georgette Floreale ST000699

    100% SE
    146 cm 48 g / m
  • Georgette Floreale ST000698

    Georgette Floreale ST000698

    100% SE
    146 cm 48 g / m
  • Georgette Ramage ST000695

    Georgette Ramage ST000695

    100% SE
    146 cm 48 g / m
  • Georgette Fiori ST000692

    Georgette Fiori ST000692

    100% SE
    146 cm 48 g / m
  • Georgette Floreale ST000697

    Georgette Floreale ST000697

    100% SE
    146 cm 48 g / m
  • Georgette Ramage ST000694

    Georgette Ramage ST000694

    100% SE
    146 cm 48 g / m
  • Georgette Fiori ST000691

    Georgette Fiori ST000691

    100% SE
    146 cm 48 g / m
  • Georgette Floreale ST000696

    Georgette Floreale ST000696

    100% SE
    146 cm 48 g / m
  • Georgette Ramage ST000693

    Georgette Ramage ST000693

    100% SE
    146 cm 48 g / m
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