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Silk fabrics for dresses for clothing and fashion by the metre

Silk fabrics for dresses

Silk is a natural protein fiber that has always been considered a symbol of luxury and elegance.
Developed in ancient China, where its use was reserved for royalty, silk is considered the “queen of fabrics” thanks to its natural beauty and many properties.

Silk fabric retains its shape, drapes well, caresses the figure, shimmers with a luster all its own, is naturally hypoallergenic, yet is still breathable; it has good absorbency and reduces humidity, which makes it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Searching for the perfect silk dress fabric?
We are famous for our beautiful selection of luxury pure silk fabrics for dressmaking, made in Italy and sold online by the metre with delivery worldwide.

Our premium 100% silk fabrics are ideal for day and evening dresses, special occasion, ceremony, party and bridal dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers, jackets and underwear.

We offer a continuous supply of 14 types of luxury silk dress fabric in hundreds of colours, including silk Chiffon, silk Crêpe de Chine, silk Crêpe de Chine Stretch, silk Crêpe Satin, silk Dogaressa, silk Drap, silk Duchesse, silk Faille, silk Georgette, silk Organza, silk Radzemire, silk Satin stretch, silk Shantung satin and silk Taffeta.

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