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Viscose & Rayon

Discover our selection of fine viscose fabrics for dressmaking and fashion, sold online by the meter and available in a variety of textures and patterns.

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Discover the Versatile Luxury of Our Pure Viscose and Viscose-Blend Fabrics

Step into the world of versatile fashion with our exquisite collection of pure viscose and viscose-blend fabrics, designed for a wide range of applications including dresses, jackets, pants, light coats, skirts, and blouses. Known for its silk-like aesthetics, viscose, also commonly referred to as rayon, is a staple in the fashion industry due to its beautiful drape and soft texture. Our extensive selection features plain fabrics, intricate jacquards, elegant lace, luxurious velvet, and a variety of captivating prints, offering endless possibilities for both high fashion and everyday wear.

Whether you’re designing everyday apparel, statement pieces, or elegant eveningwear, our viscose textiles are here to inspire your vision.

What is Viscose?

Viscose, often called rayon in the United States, is a semi-eco-friendly artificial fiber made from regenerated cellulose, derived from wood pulp. Viscose is celebrated for its silk-like luster, fluidity, and soft feel, making it a popular choice among designers seeking to combine comfort with luxury. Despite its synthetic origins, viscose mimics many qualities of natural fibers, providing breathability similar to cotton, smoothness akin to silk, and the drapability of wool.

Key Characteristics of Viscose Fabric

  • Softness: Viscose fabrics have a smooth, silky texture that feels gentle against the skin.
  • Breathability: Viscose is highly breathable, making it perfect for warm-weather garments. It allows air to circulate, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.
  • Drape: Viscose material has excellent draping properties, which means it flows beautifully and creates flattering, elegant silhouettes. This characteristic is especially valued in dresses and skirts.
  • Absorbency: Viscose has good moisture-wicking properties, which help keep the body dry by absorbing and evaporating perspiration.
  • Versatility: These fabrics can mimic the appearance and texture of natural fibers like silk, cotton, or wool. This versatility allows for a wide range of designs and styles.
  • Sustainability: Viscose is derived from renewable plant sources, such as bamboo, beechwood, or eucalyptus. It’s considered a sustainable choice compared to synthetic materials.

Unlike cotton, viscose material loses its strength when wet. For this reason, care must be taken in the maintenance of the garments and, if washing in the washing machine, the load must be limited as the weight of other garments can damage the garment, especially near the seams.

Shop Our Viscose Collection Today

Explore the luxurious feel and versatile designs of our viscose fabric collection on our e-commerce platform. Embrace the unique blend of comfort, style, and durability that our viscose and viscose-blend fabrics have to offer. Visit our website today to view our full range of colors, patterns, and textures, and start bringing your creative visions to life with our premium fabrics.

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