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Spring/Summer 2024 Color Trends

Experience the fashion trends with Pantone Colors for Spring/Summer 2024 on new tess.

Discover the color palette that will define the rules of style for Spring/Summer 2024 and create your fashion masterpieces with the high-quality fabrics available on new tess.

Fashion Weeks around the world showcased a collection of captivating shades, embracing innovation and freshness. From Rooibos Tea to Pastel Lilac, from Desert Flower to Strong Blue, the warm season will be an explosion of unique hues.

Choose from the extensive selection of fabrics on new tess and curate your Spring/Summer 2024 wardrobe, embracing the energy and vitality of these trendy colors.

Rooibos Tea: enveloping hue

A full bodied red imbued with rich, woody notes.

Discover the enveloping warmth of Rooibos Tea, a hue inspired by the renowned South African beverage, perfect for the Spring-Summer 2024 fashion. With its terracotta and reddish undertones, this shade exudes an atmosphere of comfort and authenticity. Rooibos Tea becomes the undisputed protagonist for daytime attire and accessories, adding a touch of refined rusticity to every outfit.

Leatrice Eiseman, the esteemed director of the Pantone Color Institute, paints Rooibos Tea as a robust red enriched with rich woody notes. In harmony with the vibrant color palette of Spring 2024, this shade offers a multisensory experience, going beyond aesthetics to become an infusion of vitality and renewal for the wearer.

The subdued elegance of Rooibos Tea, reminiscent of a garment carefully stored in a cedar chest, has already captivated major fashion names, including the acclaimed Johanna Ortiz, Hermes, Valentino, and Ulla Johnson. For Spring-Summer 2024, Rooibos Tea transforms into lightweight and soft fabrics, gracefully dancing with the spring breeze. Refined dresses, ethereal caftans, and sophisticated accessories are tinged with this hue, transforming each outfit into a hymn to nature and effortless elegance. Step into the fascinating world of Rooibos Tea, where fashion becomes an ode to sophistication and the freshness of the new season.

Rooibos Tea: High-Quality Fabrics by new tess

Purchase high-quality fabrics in the Rooibos Tea shade on new tess and immerse yourself in the enveloping elegance of Spring-Summer 2024. Be inspired by the creations of renowned international designers and craft your perfect look for the upcoming season.

Pastel Lilac: vintage dream

A soft and powdery lavender hue, Pastel Lilac is suggestive of a sweet aroma.

Pastel Lilac, one of the new Pantone hues making waves for the Spring-Summer 2024 season, stands out for its dreamy delicacy, evoking the image of early blossoming flowers heralding the arrival of spring. This light and ethereal nuance beautifully complements feminine attire, infusing a touch of romance into the entire ensemble.

Prestigious brands such as LoveShackFancy, Le Superbe, Badgley Mischka, Wiederhoeft, UJOH, and Phillip Lim have eagerly embraced the captivating elegance of pastel lilac, considering it the key to unlocking a universe steeped in nostalgic charm. The thoughtful and deliberate choice of this shade is not coincidental; rather, it represents a deliberate intention to capture and masterfully reinterpret vintage aesthetics, seamlessly blending it into a contemporary and current fashion context.

Michael Kors Collection has accentuated this trend, enriching its collection with enveloping lilac wool sweaters and trench coats, creating a welcoming and contemporary atmosphere. Peter Hawkings for Tom Ford proposed lilac satin suits, exuding an aura of distinctive elegance.

The dominance of lilac extends to the collections of Maison Margiela, Supriya Lele, and Issey Miyake, highlighting its ubiquity in the fashion landscape. From embracing garments to refined details, lilac proves to be a key color that continues to define trends and secure its place in the offerings of prominent designers.

Rediscover vintage charm with pastel lilac-colored fabrics, the shade that embodies timeless elegance and sophistication, for an unforgettable Spring-Summer 2024.

Pastel Lilac: High-Quality Fabrics by new tess

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Spring-Summer 2024 fashion with fabrics in the delicate shade of Pastel Lilac available on new tess. Explore the extensive selection of fabrics in this hue on new tess, be inspired by the creations of renowned international designers, and craft your perfect look for the upcoming season.

Desert Flower: blooming allure

Desert Flower is a warm and engaging pink whose blooms thrive under the sun.

Desert Flower, the bold hue chosen by Pantone for Spring-Summer 2024, is an artistic tribute to arid landscapes and earthy shades. Expertly positioned between antique rose and terracotta, this shade creates a harmonious fusion of elegance and nature. In contrast to a definitive farewell to classic Barbie pinks, Desert Flower represents a decisive step towards a warmer and more enveloping hue, earning the acclaim of renowned designers such as Christian Siriano, Jonathan Cohen, Elie Saab, Louis Vuitton, and Zimmermann.

The Desert Flower pink offers a fresh and warm interpretation, standing out from the cooler tones that have dominated past seasons. Its evocative name, Desert Flower, already tells the story of this shade, not only invoking the beauty of the desert but also a sense of nurturing warmth: Desert Flower emerges like a ray of sunshine, bringing with it positive energy and a welcoming sensation.

Fabrics and garments designed in this hue convey a sense of luxury and contemporaneity. The use of materials such as silk, chiffon, and linen enhances the brightness and lightness of the shade, creating pieces that perfectly suit the spring-summer season. Pantone’s bold choice to bring pink into warmer territories not only challenges expectations but also opens new creative possibilities for designers and fashion enthusiasts. This shade transforms into an invitation to explore and embrace the beauty of a pink that promises to radiate irresistible vitality.

Desert Flower: High-Quality Fabrics by new tess

Explore the enchanting world of Spring-Summer 2024 fashion with fabrics in the distinctive hue of Desert Flower, available on new tess. Seize the opportunity to embrace this bold trend, representing a harmonious fusion between antique rose and terracotta, adding elegance and a natural touch to your style.

Strong Blue: infinite hue of blue

Strong Blue is an unlimited blue that urges us to look beyond the immediate.

The fashion of Spring/Summer 2024 welcomes us into the boundless enchantment of Strong Blue, an intense and resolute shade of blue that symbolizes strength and determination. Chosen as the Pantone color reference for the season, Strong Blue goes beyond the mere nuance of blue, bringing with it a bold energy that invites us to surpass conventional patterns.

This decisive shade of blue is not merely a chromatic choice; it is a statement of power and confidence. Strong Blue presents itself as an assertion of determination, channeling an intrinsic force that translates into distinctive clothing pieces. Designers have skillfully utilized this hue to create bold contrasts and draw attention to specific parts of the outfit.

The versatility of Strong Blue lends itself perfectly to creating not only individual clothing items but entire total looks that convey a sense of strong visual impact. Whether it’s a coordinated suit or coordinated layering, the intensity of Strong Blue offers endless possibilities to craft outfits that reflect boldness, style, and a confident presence in any context.

Trendsetting brands like Roland Mouret, Karl Lagerfeld, Acne Studios, and Louis Vuitton have masterfully interpreted Strong Blue in their collections, emphasizing the eclectic versatility of this shade.

As it dominates the runways and wardrobes, this hue invites exploration into a world of infinite possibilities. Spring/Summer 2024 will be guided by the boundless blue of Strong Blue, an invitation to transcend boundaries and embrace courage in every shade.

Strong Blue: High-Quality Fabrics by new tess

Explore the captivating universe of Spring-Summer 2024 fashion through fabrics that embrace the intense and resolute shade of Strong Blue, available on new tess. Choose the high-quality fabrics from new tess and follow this bold trend that goes beyond the mere nuance of blue, bringing with it a vibrant and determined energy.

Chambray Blue: brightened denim blue

Chambray Blue, a brightened denim blue infused with an easy vitality.

Spring/Summer 2024 fashion introduces us to the refined hue of Chambray Blue, a shade that distinguishes itself for its timeless elegance and effortless versatility. Designated as the Pantone color reference for the season, Chambray Blue goes beyond the traditional azure, bringing with it an aura of sophisticated and contemporary style.

This shade of blue is a statement of refinement and adaptability. Chambray Blue presents itself as a fashion option that seamlessly blends classic elegance with a fresh modernity, offering the opportunity to create unique looks. Designers, aware of its versatility, have skillfully used this nuance to craft pieces ranging from formal attire to more casual outfits.

Trendsetting brands like Balmain, Victoria Tomas, Stella McCartney and Huishan Zhang have expertly integrated Chambray Blue into their collections, highlighting its flexibility and adaptability. From sophisticated jackets to casual-chic dresses, Chambray Blue emerges as a key element, imparting a sense of refinement and opening the door to limitless possibilities. Its presence in these brands’ collections reveals Chambray Blue’s ability to confer a distinctive style to a wide range of garments, gracefully adapting to different fashion aesthetics.

Spring/Summer 2024 will be guided by the timeless elegance of Chambray Blue, an invitation to experiment with sophistication in every shade.

Chambray Blue: High-Quality Fabrics by new tess

Explore the refined and versatile atmosphere of Spring/Summer 2024 fashion through fabrics in the sophisticated shade of Chambray Blue, available on new tess. Be inspired by the creations of renowned international designers and enhance your style for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 season.

Watercress: peppery green

Watercress, a refreshing peppery green with a sprightly presence.

Spring/Summer 2024 fashion gracefully introduces us to the elegant freshness of Watercress, a Pantone color that captures the essence of vibrant greens. Watercress is commonly associated with a shade of fresh green, inspired by the leaves of the watercress plant. This green tends to have a refreshing and vibrant character, often with peppery undertones that can add a touch of dynamism.

Watercress is an invitation to connect with nature with style. Leading brands such as Bottega Veneta, Erdem, and Talia Byre showcase a refined interpretation of this shade in their collections, crafting pieces that exude elegant vitality.

From the runways to everyday life, Watercress becomes a symbol of sophistication and freshness. Its shades adapt with versatility to various fabric types, offering the opportunity to experiment with creative combinations. Be inspired by this green hue and add a touch of elegant freshness to your wardrobe for the Spring/Summer 2024 season.

Watercress: High-Quality Fabrics on new tess

In the exciting landscape of Spring/Summer 2024 fashion, immerse yourself in the sophisticated versatility of Watercress. Explore the exclusive selection of Watercress fabrics on new tess and let yourself be inspired to elevate your style in the Spring/Summer 2024 season.

Mint: a breath of fresh air

Mint, a cooling mentholated green that is a breath of fresh air.

Like Marlin, mint green presents itself as an essential choice as the planet continues to warm, stated Eiseman. Mint, selected as the fashion color for Spring/Summer 2024, becomes a focal point in a context where sustainability takes center stage.

In an era where climate considerations influence color choices, Mint emerges as a conscious and contemporary option. This minty hue, in addition to drawing attention to environmental issues, elegantly fits into the fashion landscape, offering a fresh and natural aesthetic. With its green tones evoking the vitality of nature, Mint takes center stage in creating light and comfortable looks, adding a touch of modernity to the season’s collections. We’ve seen it showcased on the runways of Rosie Assoulin, Pamella Roland, Johanna Ortiz, Just Cavalli, Alexis Mabille, and Miu Miu.

Choose Mint to express your awareness and modern style. With its hues, this shade will be a perfect ally to convey a message of sustainability through your choice of clothing. Explore Mint in the wide range of offerings for Spring/Summer 2024 and get ready to embrace the harmony and contemporaneity that this color inspires.

Mint: Tessuti di alta qualità new tess

Discover the exclusive collection of fabrics in the shade Mint available at new tess and get ready to create a cutting-edge wardrobe by embracing the trend color for Spring/Summer 2024 with style and sophistication.

Orangeade: vibrant orange

A sweet and mildly tangy red-orange hue, Orangeade has a fruity citrus touch.

Spring/Summer 2024 unfolds with the effervescent elegance of Orangeade, a delicately sparkling shade of orange with a fruity touch, yet without being a vibrant and bold orange. Selected as the Pantone color reference for the season, Orangeade captures attention for its moderate liveliness and subtle nod to the freshness of citrus fruits.

This color has won favor among prominent brands such as Bach Mai, Zimmermann, Johanna Ortiz, and Maje, who have embraced it enthusiastically, offering a new perspective on orange and presenting it as a sophisticated choice. Its delicately tangy hue and fruity undertones give it a unique character, making it an ideal protagonist for conveying elegance and refined style.

Orangeade becomes not only a chromatic choice but also a symbol of fashion and sophistication. Its trendy shades pair seamlessly with a variety of high-quality fabrics, providing endless creative possibilities for designers and fashion enthusiasts. From the light textures of cotton to luxurious fabrics like silk, Orangeade can be experimented with across a diverse range of garments, from casual wear to evening ensembles, adding a vibrant and fashionable touch.

Furthermore, the adoption of Orangeade represents not just a trend but also a commitment to sustainability, upcycling, and the use of second-hand clothing. As stated by Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, “These softer colors are undoubtedly a tribute to sustainability, upcycling, and second-hand clothing. There is no doubt – there is much interest. It goes beyond the trend.”

Orangeade: High-Quality Fabrics by new tess

Experience the freshness of a citrusy hue. Explore the exclusive collection of fabrics in the Orangeade shade available on the new tess shop, where the quality and preciousness of the fabrics come together with the celebration of the chromatic trend of the season.

Spicy Mustard: exotic yellow

Pungent Spicy Mustard is strikingly exotic.

Spring/Summer 2024 fashion bursts into life with the energetic refinement of Spicy Mustard, an intense and captivating hue. With its rich and vibrant shade, Spicy Mustard establishes itself as a chromatic choice that infuses warmth and vitality into every clothing collection.

This lively shade has captured the attention of designers and fashion enthusiasts alike, making a bold statement on runways and in wardrobes with its intensity and brightness.

Renowned brands such as Naeem Khan, Diesel, Louis Vuitton, Meryll Rogge, and Chloé have eagerly embraced the dynamic elegance of Spicy Mustard in their latest collections, showcasing the versatility of this hue in various fashion realms. From sophisticated garments to captivating accessories, Spicy Mustard takes the spotlight, imparting a touch of warmth and originality to outfits.

Beyond embodying a vibrant style, the choice of Spicy Mustard also reflects a growing interest in colors capable of eliciting positive feelings and spreading optimism. The dynamic elegance of this color invites embracing the new season with energy and positivity, emphasizing its central role in shaping the trends of Spring/Summer 2024.

Spicy Mustard: High-Quality Fabrics by new tess

Immerse yourself in the exotic world of Spicy Mustard. Explore the refined collection of fabrics in the vibrant Spicy Mustard shade available on the new tess shop. Experience the luxury of carefully selected materials, ready to transform every stitch into a masterpiece of elegance and distinctive style.

Note: The runway images have been sourced from Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) for informational and illustrative purposes. Please visit the official WWD website for further details and to view the complete coverage of the runway show.

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