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Soft and chic tweed and bouclé fabrics | new tess

Bouclé - Tweed

Explore our exquisite selection of luxurious bouclé and tweed fabrics, perfect for crafting elegant dresses, skirts, and outerwear.

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  • Tweed Monocolore TC001201

    Tweed Monocolore TC001201

    98% WO, 2% PA
    135 cm 400 g / m
  • Tweed Monocolore TC001200

    Tweed Monocolore TC001200

    98% WO, 2% PA
    135 cm 400 g / m
  • Tweed Monocolore TC001197

    Tweed Monocolore TC001197

    98% WO, 2% PA
    135 cm 400 g / m
  • Tweed Monocolore TC001196

    Tweed Monocolore TC001196

    98% WO, 2% PA
    135 cm 400 g / m
  • Tweed Monocolore TC001195

    Tweed Monocolore TC001195

    98% WO, 2% PA
    135 cm 400 g / m
  • Tweed Candyfloss TC001176

    Tweed Candyfloss TC001176

    59% WV, 21% WP, 16% PA, 4% PL
    140 cm 920 g / m
  • Tweed Sequined Thread TC001175

    Tweed Sequined Thread TC001175

    35% PA, 21% WV, 18% PL, 13% CO, 7% VI, 6% PM
    150 cm 607 g / m
  • Tweed Boules TC001173

    Tweed Boules TC001173

    74% PA, 9% VI, 8% CO, 6% PM, 3% PL
    140 cm 630 g / m
  • Tweed Arlecchino TC001172

    Tweed Arlecchino TC001172

    36% VI, 26% PA, 18% CO, 6% PM, 6% PL, 4% PE, 4% PC
    149 cm 656 g / m
  • Tweed Fantasia TC001152

    Tweed Fantasia TC001152

    65% VI, 35% CO
    135 cm 650 g / m
  • Tweed Monocolore TC001046

    Tweed Monocolore TC001046

    98% WO, 2% PA
    135 cm 400 g / m
  • Tweed Monocolore TC001045

    Tweed Monocolore TC001045

    98% WO, 2% PA
    135 cm 400 g / m
  • Tweed Monocolore TC001044

    Tweed Monocolore TC001044

    98% WO, 2% PA
    135 cm 400 g / m
  • Tweed Monocolore TC001042

    Tweed Monocolore TC001042

    98% WO, 2% PA
    135 cm 400 g / m
  • Tweed Bicolore TC001047

    Tweed Bicolore TC001047

    45% PL, 30% AC, 15% WO, 10% PM
    145 cm 720 g / m
  • Tweed Lurex TC001011

    Tweed Lurex TC001011

    38% VI, 27% WV, 13% PA, 8% CO, 7% PM, 6% PL, 1% PC
    143 cm 720 g / m

What is Tweed, and what are its characteristics?

Tweed is a robust woolen fabric with its origins in Scotland, known for its porous and durable texture. Its longevity is unquestionable, and it comes in a wide range of colors and textures, including plain, twill, herringbone, pied-de-poule, and checkered patterns. This fabric is perfect for creating sports jackets, blazers, and skirts, and its palette of natural colors is a timeless classic.

What is Bouclé, and what styles can we create?

Bouclé is a fabric characterized by irregular loops or knots in the yarn, with origins in the French word “boucle” (loop). It is available in a vast array of colors and shades. Celebrated for its iconic style, it was made famous by Chanel and adored by many fashion designers. Coco Chanel transformed tweed into a feminine fabric in the 1930s, revolutionizing the concepts of comfort and modernity. Later on, she created the iconic Chanel jacket, a symbol of style and elegance.

Thanks to its chic details and endless shading possibilities, bouclé fabric is suitable for both elegant evening looks and more casual outfits, even paired with denim.

Choose the quality of our Bouclé and Tweed Fabrics

Opt for our high-quality bouclé and tweed fabrics for your fashion and clothing needs. Explore our extensive range of tweed and bouclé fabrics in a variety of captivating colors and textures, perfect for creating dresses, skirts, jackets, and outfits for the transitional seasons.

Select the superior quality of our fabrics to add a touch of timeless elegance to your wardrobe.

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