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Silver fabrics

Buy online our top quality silver fabrics for apparel and fashion.

Silver is the color of the Moon. It is connected to the feminine and emotional part, it infuses balance and harmony.
It is a romantic colour, to which are linked the concepts of sensitivity, versatility, independence, tenacity.
Like black and white, silver is a versatile colour, which can be used to create elegant and original evening and daytime looks.

Not surprisingly, it is very popular with designers and trendsetters, also presented in extreme looks with a spatial flavour.
With black it creates a strong and sophisticated contrast, perfect for a look for a special occasion, while with white it acquires a light and delicate shade.

A similar effect is obtained with pink and pastel light blue, which “warm” and “soften” it and are ideal for bon ton outfits.

Silver also looks good with green and blue, two colours that brighten and give it fullness; it creates a sensual and sophisticated contrast with purple and is particularly elegant with orange, rust and brown.

New tess offers a wide selection of silver fabrics in silk, cotton, linen, wool and polyester.

Not sure about which shade of silver best fits you? Order our free sample sets.

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