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Embroidered Tulle | new tess bridal fabrics

Embroidered Tulle

Discover our selection of exclusive embroidered tulle, ideal for wedding dress, special occasion or evening gown.

Tulle is an almost evanescent fabric, very light and transparent, characterized by small hexagonal meshes. It is perfect both as a base for floral or geometric embroidery and for sequins, beads, rhinestones, jais or embossed applications that embellish the fabric with more or less evident effects. In some cases the tulle only serves as a support and disappears immersed in the richness of the decorations.

Suitable for wedding dresses, special occasion dresses or evening gowns, it is available in a multitude of colours and decorations, from the most sober to the most garish version.

  • White Cotton, Polyester, Viscose Apparel Fabric TC001121

    Tulle Ricamato Peonia in Fiore TC001121

    42% CO, 30% PA, 18% VI, 10% PL
    135 cm 101 g / m
  • White Polyester Apparel Fabric TC001119

    Tulle Ricamo Rebrodé Damascato TC001119

    100% PL
    135 cm 324 g / m
  • Green Polyester Apparel Fabric TC001090

    Tulle Ricamato Fiorellini TC001090

    100% PL
    140 cm 180 g / m
  • Red Polyester Apparel Fabric TC001089

    Tulle Ricamato Fiorellini TC001089

    100% PL
    140 cm 180 g / m
  • Blue Polyester Apparel Fabric TC001088

    Tulle Ricamato Fiori Piccoli TC001088

    100% PL
    140 cm 86 g / m
  • Beige, Blue, Pink Polyester Apparel Fabric TC001080

    Tulle Ricamato Garden Party TC001080

    100% PL
    150 cm 220 g / m
  • Fuxia Polyester, Viscose Apparel Fabric TC001015

    Tulle Ricamo Ramage Paillettes TC001015

    60% PA, 40% VI
    143 cm 143 g / m
  • White Polyester, Viscose Apparel Fabric TC001014

    Tulle Ricamo Ramage Paillettes TC001014

    60% VI, 40% PA
    135 cm 154 g / m
  • Red Polyester, Viscose Apparel Fabric UN001338

    Ricamato UN001338

    50% PL, 50% VI
    147 cm 85 g / m
  • Pink Polyester, Viscose Sequins Apparel Fabric UN001336

    Paillettes UN001336

    50% VI, 50% PL
    150 cm 88 g / m
  • White Polyester Apparel Fabric TC000956

    Ricamo a Ramage con Paillettes TC000956

    70% PL, 30% PA
    140 cm 130 g / m
  • Pink Polyester Apparel Fabric TC000951

    Tulle Ricamato con Paillettes TC000951

    70% PL, 30% PA
    132 cm 123 g / m
  • Black, Orange, Yellow Polyester Apparel Fabric UN001207

    Ricamato Etnico UN001207

    100% PL
    123 cm 393 g / m
  • Blue, White Polyester Apparel Fabric UN001181

    Ricamo a Fiori UN001181

    60% PA, 40% PL
    141 cm 240 g / m
  • White and gold embroidered tulle | new tess bridal fabrics

    Ricamo Tulle Rose e Perle TC000574

    70% VI, 20% PL, 10% PA
    130 cm 228 g / m
  • On sale Black Polyester, Viscose Apparel Fabric TC000559

    Tulle Ricamato TC000559

    80% PA, 20% VI
    140 cm 161 g / m
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