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Crepe Satin Olio

Oil Yellow Silk Crêpe Satin Apparel Fabric

NT020EVM 020788

Oil yellow crêpe back satin fabric in pure silk. Classic and elegant. Either the matte or sheen face can be used to create beautiful garments: from underwear to evening gowns or wedding dresses. Made in Italy.

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100% SE
138 cm (useful 135 cm)
100 g / m
Ceremony Dress Dress Party dress Shirt Skirt Underwear
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Oil yellow crêpe back satin fabric in pure silk. Classic and elegant. Either the matte or sheen face can be used to create beautiful garments: from underwear to evening gowns or wedding dresses. Made in Italy.

NT020EVM - Ceremony Dress, Dress, Party dress, Shirt, Skirt, Underwear
020788 - Oil ()
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Our silk crepe back satin fabric has a beautiful hand and luxurious drape. Sophisticated, enveloping, fluid, sensual, crêpe satin is a very chic fabric. Either the matte or sheen face can be used to create garments that give a sensation of true well-being. The fabric structure lends itself to any cut or style. Suitable for lingerie, evening dresses, skirts, shirts or bridal gowns.

89 reviews for Crepe Satin Olio

  1. Mariliis P.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 090157 - Silver (Silver)

    The feel of the fabric is super elegant!

  2. Mariliis P.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 033369 - Petal (Pink)

    The color is absolutely stunning and luxurious!

  3. Eve G.  (Belgium) | |verified purchase Color: 030441 - Fire (Red)

    Amazing fabric, beautiful colour, excellent service !

  4. Alessio M.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 060088 - Chlorophyll (Green)

    Alta qualita di seta bellissimo colore
    New tess Non delude Mai

  5. Mariliis P.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 001125 - Fuchsia (Fuxia)

    A very bright and beautiful color!

  6. Martine D.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 000672 - Ivory (White)

    Magnifique tissu comme les autres que j’ai commandé ! Réception du colis très rapide en 48 h. Merci !

  7. Carmen B.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 001125 - Fuchsia (Fuxia)

    Colori stupendi qualità ottima seguito da puntualità e cortesia.

    Sicuramente farò altri ordini.

  8. Vanessa L.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 050216 - Cornflower (Blue)

    Ho acquistato il Crepe Satin Fiordaliso, non ero sicuro per la scelta del colore e del tessuto. La Sig.ra Patrizia mi ha consigliato molto bene e le ho anche mandato il modello del vestito che devo fare. Il tessuto e’ bellissimo di qualita’ e colore. Sono molto contenta, grazie New Tess

  9. Alessio M.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 000001 - Optical (White)

    Altissima qualita
    Un bianco puro per una sposa come mi serviva

  10. Danièle Z.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 090156 - Steel (Silver)

    The fabric is gorgeous! Quality and color. Perfect service, customer support and delivery.

  11. Maria Gabriella R.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 001991 - Milk (White)

    Ottimo tessuto ,colore delicato.
    Spedizione super rapida.

  12. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 000202 - Cerise (Purple)

    Stunning color and veey good quality of silk.

  13. Rayisa K.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 004860 - Lilac (Purple)


  14. Alessio M.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 000288 - Ruby (Red)

    Ottima Qualita, bellissimo colore a un Prezzo generoso

  15. Vladimir B.  (Bulgaria) | |verified purchase Color: 000009 - Black (Black)

    Amazing quality

  16. Vladimir B.  (Bulgaria) | |verified purchase Color: 072325 - Rope (Beige)

    Best quality

  17. Giada S.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 040575 - Blueberry (Purple)

    Colore meraviglioso,qualità ottima e velocissimi nella spedizione.Soddisfatta come sempre

  18. Alessio M.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 004858 - Dew (Silver)

    Bellissimo colore splendido

  19. Maria Teresa A.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 050216 - Cornflower (Blue)

    Assolutamente meraviglioso l, il tutto!

  20. Matteo D.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 001008 - Marine (Blue)

    Pesantezza perfetta anche per camicie da uomo!

  21. Pilar B.  (Spain) | |verified purchase Color: 000137 - Olive (Green)

    Un brillo excepcional!

  22. Antonia B.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 052584 - Portofino (Blue)

    Gorgeous colour! And amazing quality silk!

  23. . | |verified purchase Color: 070151 - Biscuit (Beige)

    un tissu magnifique , coloris parfait et conforme à l’échantillon. commande reçue très rapidement et très bien protégée pour l’expédition

  24. Alice B.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 070168 - Caramel (Brown)

    Exceptional colour and favourite silk fabric to work with!

  25. Matteo D.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 001125 - Fuchsia (Fuxia)

    Colore stupendo!

  26. Delphine D.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 000672 - Ivory (White)

    Un joli tombe pour ce satin de soie.

  27. Isabelle P.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 002628 - Coral (Orange)

    magnifique crêpe satin, très beau, qui bouge bien. Parfait pour une robe sensuelle

  28. . | |verified purchase Color: 000001 - Optical (White)

    Très beau tissu, complètement opaque, un coté mat (crêpe)et l’autre brillant, très doux et coloris blanc chaud, magnifique

  29. Esther K.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 072327 - Tile (Brown)

    Très belle qualité

  30. Antonia B.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 000009 - Black (Black)

    Gorgeous fabric! We absolutely love it!

  31. Alice B.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 070147 - Walnut (Brown)

    Beautiful colour and quality as per usual!

  32. Alessio M.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 001125 - Fuchsia (Fuxia)

    Bellissimo ottima qualità

  33. Alice B.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 050216 - Cornflower (Blue)

    Most beautiful colour and quality, 10/10.

  34. Nicola C.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 030402 - Geranium (Pink)

    Bellissimo tessuto. Si taglia e si lavora con facilità.

  35. Annamaria M.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 000802 - Sun (Yellow)

    Ordine evaso con estrema rapidità, confezione accuratissima, tessuto splendido.

  36. Christine V.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 001991 - Milk (White)

    Très beau tissu, agréable à porter. expédition rapide et de qualité.

  37. Christine V.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 000288 - Ruby (Red)

    Très belle qualité, très agréable, très belle couleur.

  38. Erja S.  (Finland) | |verified purchase Color: 050220 - Sapphire (Blue)

    Lovely material, well silk usually is ?

    It was quite easy to sew also, not at all as slippery as I thought. The sapphire blue color was beautiful ?

    Very fast delivery – got the dress ready in time.

  39. Matteo D.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 004861 - Fairy (Pink)

    colore perfetto per questa stagione e giusta trasparenza!

  40. . | |verified purchase Color: 031108 - Phard (Pink)

    In love with this pink. Not too light. Not too dark. Just perfect!

  41. . | |verified purchase Color: 004861 - Fairy (Pink)

    il tessuto è molto bello ed è arrivato velocemente.

  42. Elisa I.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 062253 - Pine (Green)


  43. . | |verified purchase Color: 001125 - Fuchsia (Fuxia)

    bellissimo colore

  44. . | |verified purchase Color: 050214 - Wave (Blue)


  45. Gabriella S.  (United Kingdom (UK)) | |verified purchase Color: 001125 - Fuchsia (Fuxia)

    fantastic fabric, great customer service , high standard wrapping. GRAZIE !

  46. . | |verified purchase Color: 000672 - Ivory (White)

    Beautiful lightweight silk. Two-day shipping to Canada. Great service.

  47. . | |verified purchase Color: 070147 - Walnut (Brown)

    Love Love Love this color! So many compliments

  48. Pauline B.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 052585 - Hawaii (Blue)


  49. Pauline B.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 052584 - Portofino (Blue)

    superbe soie! je suis ravie de mon achat

  50. Josie S.  (United Kingdom (UK)) | |verified purchase Color: 002641 - Peach (Pink)

    Beautiful silk, nice colour. Made stunning camisole.

  51. Anzhelika K.  (Spain) | |verified purchase Color: 001125 - Fuchsia (Fuxia)

    È molto bello, il colore fantástico, lo che volevo!

  52. Anca B.  (Romania) | |verified purchase Color: 070147 - Walnut (Brown)

    I would have never thought that i will like this color so much! It is my favourite! Looks very elegant, classy and sophisticated

  53. Anca B.  (Romania) | |verified purchase Color: 000137 - Olive (Green)

    Such a fashionable color right now, in reality it might be slightly lighter than in the picture. But the fabric is amazing, very soft, very shiny

  54. Anca B.  (Romania) | |verified purchase Color: 000009 - Black (Black)

    Very good quality fabric

  55. Anca B.  (Romania) | |verified purchase Color: 040577 - Plum (Purple)

    This is an amazing fabric, very light and soft.
    The color is to die for

  56. Emma R.  (Israel) | |verified purchase Color: 050220 - Sapphire (Blue)


  57. Emma R.  (Israel) | |verified purchase Color: 062254 - Shaded Spruce (Green)

    Beautiful colour! Highly recommended!

  58. Emma R.  (Israel) | |verified purchase Color: 000288 - Ruby (Red)

    New Tess’s crepe satin is a wonderful high quality fabric. I really liked this colour.

  59. Emma R.  (Israel) | |verified purchase Color: 040575 - Blueberry (Purple)

    Beautiful colour, high quality fabric. I am very pleased!

  60. Filipe F.  (Portugal) | |verified purchase Color: 050211 - Light blue (Blue)


  61. Jayne B.  (United Kingdom (UK)) | |verified purchase Color: 050219 - Electric (Blue)

    Excellent quality silk. Good thickness, easy to sew and forgiving of mistakes! Great colour choices. Would recommend.
    Speedy delivery – if a bit expensive.

  62. Christine D.  (Belgium) | |verified purchase Color: 000672 - Ivory (White)

    Bon rapport qualité prix. Soie légèrement transparente , assez rêche côté envers, belle couleur, difficile au niveau repassage, la moindre trace d’épingle ou de fil se voit et est difficile à enlever. Service newtess impeccable, niveau emballage, transport et rapidité.

  63. Christine G.  (Belgium) | |verified purchase Color: 070151 - Biscuit (Beige)

    Merveilleuse qualité. Le coloris est parfait.

  64. Vera P.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 040575 - Blueberry (Purple)

    spedizione velocissima, imballo curatissimo e qualità dei tessuti superlativa. TOP

  65. Khadija E.  (Netherlands) | |verified purchase Color: 030439 - Iris (Purple)

    Beautiful color and high quality silk fabric!

  66. . | |verified purchase Color: 070153 - Nude (Beige)

    A very good quality.

  67. Izumi T.  (Japan) | |verified purchase Color: 030397 - Jasmine (Pink)

    Very great! Color and texture

  68. Anna Rita M.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 052585 - Hawaii (Blue)


  69. . | |verified purchase Color: 031108 - Phard (Pink)

    Per un intimo di lusso ed eleganza

  70. . | |verified purchase Color: 000288 - Ruby (Red)

    Sentirsi donna non è mai stato così bello. Creare dei capi intimo con questo tessuto è una meraviglia

  71. . | |verified purchase Color: 001137 - Almond (Beige)

    Tessuto di alta qualità arrivato tramite ordine evaso con velocità e precisione.

  72. Olga S.  (Luxembourg) | |verified purchase Color: 033371 - Pink (Pink)

    C’est la soie d’une excellente qualité,
    D’une couleur rare et difficile à trouver et qui correspond parfaitement à la description sur le site. Je voudrais aussi vous remercier pour l’efficacité et rapidité d’envoi dans ces temps de crise

  73. . | |verified purchase Color: 033370 - Freesia (Pink)

    Belle qualité et couleur

  74. . | |verified purchase Color: 050216 - Cornflower (Blue)

    Belle qualité et couleur

  75. Elena F.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 030402 - Geranium (Pink)

    Bonne qualité, jolie couleur

  76. Sonia S.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 090157 - Silver (Silver)

    Ottimo prodotto.
    Errore mio, un po’ leggero per la gonna che ho realizzato.

  77. . | |verified purchase Color: 033370 - Freesia (Pink)

    Stupendo colore tessuto confortevole

  78. . | |verified purchase Color: 070151 - Biscuit (Beige)

    Bel colore, piacevole a tatto e su pelle.

  79. Elisabetta B.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 000802 - Sun (Yellow)

    Tessuto di altissima qualità. Spedizione veloce. Imballo corretto.

  80. Elisabetta B.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 004590 - Amethyst (Purple)

    Tessuto di altissima qualità. Spedizione veloce. Imballo corretto.

  81. Filipe F.  (Portugal) | |verified purchase Color: 060099 - Green (Green)

    This color is amazing . New Tess has the best silk fabrics , and is amazing the perfect match of color in the several kinds of silk like satin , chiffon and drap

  82. Laura P.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 062253 - Pine (Green)

    Tessuto molto bello, il colore corrisponde esattamente alla fotografia.
    Ottimo imballaggio e consegna rapida

  83. Francois B.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 000802 - Sun (Yellow)

    Très bonne qualité , un peu transparent cependant.

  84. . | |verified purchase Color: 072327 - Tile (Brown)

    Tres beau colori et comme toujours de tres belle qualite

  85. Emilia S.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 050222 - Avio (Blue)

    Beautiful silk, this color I call *chameleon as it is unique complicated color, changing its color outdoor and indoor. Love working with it over and over again.

  86. . | |verified purchase Color: 050222 - Avio (Blue)

    Couleur superbe, matière agréable, se froisse peu. Les faux plis ne restent pas
    Excellent produit

  87. . | |verified purchase Color: 020788 - Oil (Yellow)

    Questo tessuto è molto bello. Quello che ho apprezzato, oltre che l alta qualità della stoffa è la possibilità di scegliere la tonalità del colore che desideri che in altri siti non riesci a trovare e il servizio dell invio della cartella colore é fondamentale per capire la tinta esatta! Servizio clienti ottimo e spedizione veloce.

  88. Agnese S.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 001991 - Milk (White)

    Bellissimo tessuto. Ben confezionato, spedizione rapidissima

  89. Tiziana A.  (Italy) | Color: 050211 - Light blue (Blue)

    Cinque stelle!! Ottimo tessuto!

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