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Houndstooth Fabrics

Shop online our premium quality houndstooth woolen fabrics.

Like many classic menswear patterns, the houndstooth pattern originates from shepherds in the Scottish lowlands.
Also referred pied-de-poule or dogstooth, houndstooth is a two-toned pattern that combines dark and light threads in uneven rows. The broken checks or abstract, four pointed shapes and uneven patterns resemble a dog’s tooth – hence the name.

Houndstooth fabric is soft, and has a little bit of stretch because of the way it is woven. Using a twill weave, four threads of a dark color are woven up and four threads of a lighter color are woven downwards.

Originally, the darker color was black while the lighter color was white. Nowadays, fabric manufacturers are using other different colors besides the traditional black and white. Sometimes, even a third color is added. It is quite possible to find a knitted or crocheted houndstooth item.

Originally 100% wool was used but today, many other fibres can be used such as cotton, polyester and other animal fibres. Houndstooth fabric is used to fabricate many articles of clothing such as men and women’s suits, coats and skirts.

  • Blue, Green Wool Apparel Fabric TC001040

    Pied de Poule Fancy TC001040

    100% WO
    150 cm 350 g / m
  • Green, Purple Wool Apparel Fabric TC001038

    Pied de Poule Fancy TC001038

    100% WO
    150 cm 350 g / m
  • Beige, White Wool Apparel Fabric TC001036

    Pied de Poule Fancy TC001036

    100% WO
    150 cm 350 g / m
  • Black, White Polyester, Wool Apparel Fabric TC001047

    Tweed Bicolore TC001047

    45% PL, 30% AC, 15% WO, 10% PM
    145 cm 720 g / m
  • Black, White Wool Apparel Fabric TC001061

    Micro Pied de Poule TC001061

    100% WO
    150 cm 320 g / m
  • Black, Green Wool Apparel Fabric TC000702

    Micro Pied de Poule TC000702

    100% WO
    155 cm 360 g / m
  • Black, Blue Wool Apparel Fabric TC000654

    Cappotto Pied De Poule TC000654

    100% WO
    155 cm 550 g / m
  • Black, Gray Wool Apparel Fabric TC000653

    Cappotto Pied De Poule TC000653

    100% WO
    160 cm 570 g / m
  • Black, Brown Wool Apparel Fabric TC000652

    Cappotto Pied De Poule TC000652

    100% WO
    160 cm 570 g / m
  • Beige, Black Wool Apparel Fabric TC000651

    Cappotto Pied De Poule TC000651

    100% WO
    160 cm 570 g / m
  • Beige, Green Tartan Wool-blend Coating Fabric - Pied Poule 000802

    Pied de Poule UN001004

    90% WO, 10% PA
    142 cm 456 g / m
  • Beige, Red Tartan Wool-blend Coating Fabric - Pied Poule 000801

    Pied de Poule UN001003

    90% WO, 10% PA
    142 cm 456 g / m
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