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Doppia Crepella Navy

Navy Blue Wool Wool Double Crêpe Apparel Fabric

CM002-VM 801

Navy blue double-faced wool crepe fabric. Refined, with a luxurious look and a doubled surface made by using two crepe fabrics. It is suitable for making day or evening dresses, jackets, trousers, hoods and elegant light coats. Made in Italy.

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38 m in stock

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Shipping in 2 business days.

100% WO
150 cm (useful 145 cm)
485 g / m
Ceremony Dress Dress Jacket Light Coat Pants Party dress Skirt
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Navy blue double-faced wool crepe fabric. Refined, with a luxurious look and a doubled surface made by using two crepe fabrics. It is suitable for making day or evening dresses, jackets, trousers, hoods and elegant light coats. Made in Italy.

CM002-VM - Ceremony Dress, Dress, Jacket, Light Coat, Pants, Party dress, Skirt
801 - Navy ()
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Our wool double crepe, also known as wool double-face, is a premium fabric in 100% pure wool, featuring a rough, crinkled look and double surface made by using two crepe fabrics. The two layers of crepe fabrics bonded together give the possibility to create high fashion garments since stitching can be made invisible. Wool double crepe is a fine and sophisticated fabric, featuring a clean, non-fuzzy look, perfect to make elegant garments: day and evening dresses, skirts, pants, jackets and light coats.

55 reviews for Doppia Crepella Navy

  1. Barbara H.  (United Kingdom (UK)) | |verified purchase Color: 723 - Ochre (Yellow)

    This fabric has a great texture making an interesting detail for jackets and suits. Great range of colours.

  2. Marie-paule E.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 220 - Dark (Brown)

    Très belle qualité, parfait pour la confection d’une jupe d’hiver

  3. Marie-paule E.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 220 - Dark (Brown)

    Très belle qualité, parfait pour la jupe que je vais confectionner

  4. Quadri M.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 726 - Ocean (Blue)


  5. Quadri M.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 153 - Opal (Blue)


  6. Quadri M.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 692 - Peacock (Blue)


  7. Quadri M.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 144 - Cyclamen (Fuxia)


  8. Quadri M.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 901 - Black (Black)


  9. Wolfgang L.  (Austria) | |verified purchase Color: 220 - Dark (Brown)

    The material is wonderful, has a lovely texture + perfect colour

  10. Matteo D.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 682 - Turquoise (Blue)

    Colore super brillante anche essendo lana! Fantastico!

  11. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 115 - Arctic (Silver)

    Perfect for suiting and lightweight coats and jackets!

  12. Alessio M.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 801 - Navy (Blue)

    Doppia creppella non delude mai.
    Navy e quasi un nero ma piu morbido. Sta bene per ogni tipo.

  13. Alessio M.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: TC000916 - Ice (Blue)

    Bellissimo colore
    Tessuto elegante e ricercato.
    Lo preso per un fare uno spolverino

  14. Maria F.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 508 - Night (Blue)

    Tessuto di qualità, come descrizione,consegna rapida e precisa, ottimo imballo.
    Sicuramente da consigliare.

  15. Rossella P.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 508 - Night (Blue)

    Tessuto e colore bellissimi. Usato per un vestito: il risultato è molto elegante e lo consiglio vivamente

    Spedizione, come sempre, rapida

  16. Rossella P.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 474 - Campari (Red)

    Tessuto e colore, rosso campari, bellissimi. Usato per un vestito dal taglio semplice e il risultato è molto elegante

  17. Marlen I.  (Spain) | |verified purchase Color: 901 - Black (Black)

    Sin sorpresas, es fabuloso.

  18. Marlen I.  (Spain) | |verified purchase Color: TC000921 - Greenery (Green)

    Precioso tejido, precioso color y mucha calidad. El servicio sobresaliente.

  19. Marlen I.  (Spain) | |verified purchase Color: 141 - Fire (Red)

    Fantástico tejido, calidad superior y un color maravilloso. El servicio matrícula de honor.

  20. Flora S.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: TC000922 - Straw (Beige)

    Il tessuto è adatto alla confezione di una giacca, elegante e di peso adeguato. Il colore beige piuttosto chiaro è un po’ diverso da quello che si vede sul sito.

  21. Bernarda B.  (Slovenia) | |verified purchase Color: 144 - Cyclamen (Fuxia)

    Odličen nivo storitve:
    Dostava naslednji dan, kvaliteta OK.

  22. Luise F.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 726 - Ocean (Blue)

    Good quality, fast shipping, nice quality, easy to sew with.

  23. Luise F.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 508 - Night (Blue)

    Nice fabric, good quality, fast shipping!

  24. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: TC000916 - Ice (Blue)

    The best fabric for any garment!

  25. Alessio M.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 474 - Campari (Red)

    Un sognio di tessuto
    Un rosso bellissimo

  26. Violeta G.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 690 - Bay (Green)

    La qualité de vos produits est tout à fait hors-pair.
    Magnifique tissu, et service irréprochable!

  27. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 901 - Black (Black)

    Stunning fabric for any garment!

  28. Urata D.  (Ireland) | |verified purchase Color: 726 - Ocean (Blue)

    Amazing quality, fast shipping, great packaging that protects the fabric. Looking forward to our next order 🙂

  29. Urata D.  (Ireland) | |verified purchase Color: 901 - Black (Black)

    Amazing quality, fast shipping, great packaging that protects the fabric. Looking forward to our next order 🙂

  30. Lucie R.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 123 - Candied (Pink)

    Belle qualité de tissu !

  31. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 521 - Bougainvillea (Fuxia)

    Favorite fabric for any garment.
    Dresses, lightweight coat, jacket etc
    Love it ?

  32. . | |verified purchase Color: 548 - Wisteria (Purple)

    Ottimo tessuto, nuance stupenda, buon rapporto qualità – prezzo. Consigliato

  33. Noemi C.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 474 - Campari (Red)

    Bellissimo prodotto!

  34. Valeria B.  (Portugal) | |verified purchase Color: 501 - Optical (White)

    Very fast delivery (Portugal within 48 hours).
    Great packaging.
    Incredibly beautiful natural white (unbleached) fabric with nice drape. Crease-resistant.
    Double-face makes possible to use either side of the fabric as “right” side.

  35. Delia G.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 901 - Black (Black)

    tessuto molto pregiato.
    ho confezionato una giacca sportiva .
    il risultato è stato un capo raffinato senza essere delicato e portabilissimo in ogni occasione.
    da acquistare anche la crepella di lana semplice.

  36. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 690 - Bay (Green)

    Love the color and quality is the best!

  37. Izumi T.  (Japan) | |verified purchase Color: 901 - Black (Black)

    I am impressed with the luster and texture of this fabric.
    For fast shipping!
    It’s a great shop.

  38. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 474 - Campari (Red)

    Love the fabric, high quality wool for dresses or lightweight coat, jackets!

  39. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 681 - Violet (Purple)

    Simply perfect wool for everything you want to create, from dress to light coat!

  40. Margaret B.  (United States (US)) | |verified purchase Color: 673 - Octanium (Green)

    I bought this fabric on a whim – had no sample or experience with this company. I am so glad I took this chance. The fabric is gorgeous. It is a beautiful color and has a lush, thick texture. Also, I received the fabric in the US the next day, so the processing and shipping was super fast. I will definitely buy again in other colors.

  41. Sylvie D.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 141 - Fire (Red)


  42. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 735 - Dark (Purple)

    Stunning color and best wool, for lightweight jacket!

  43. Robert D.  (United States (US)) | |verified purchase Color: 141 - Fire (Red)

    One of my favorite cloths to sew.

  44. Vincenza C.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 681 - Violet (Purple)

    Sarà il mio negozio preferito

  45. Vincenza C.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 681 - Violet (Purple)

    Proprio come la volevo

  46. Vincenza C.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 681 - Violet (Purple)

    Mi è piaciuta tantissimo proprio come era descritta

  47. Vibe K.  (Norway) | |verified purchase Color: 735 - Dark (Purple)

    Beautiful colour of fabric! The texture is also mid-weight to heavy and perfect for the pleated skirt I am sewing. I will definetely purchase this fabric again, it has both body and weight for structural garments.

  48. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 690 - Bay (Green)

    Love to work with this luxurious wool.

  49. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 502 - Ivory (White)

    Simply stunning fabric for autumn/winter dresses and light coats and jackets 🙂

  50. Elisa M.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 123 - Candied (Pink)

    Il colore in foto non corrisponde, il tessuto è proprio un rosa confetto, l’ho comunque tenuto perché è bellissimo.

    • Sonia M.  (Italy) |

      Buongiorno Elisa e grazie per la recensione.
      Purtroppo i colori a video non sempre corrispondono ai colori reali. Proprio per questo consigliamo di ordinare le nostre Cartelle Colore gratuite, disponibili per i tessuti in tinta unita a stock service continuativo.

  51. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 734 - Army (Green)

    Stunning fabric for dresses and lightweight coats!

  52. Emma Y.  (United Kingdom (UK)) | |verified purchase Color: 501 - Optical (White)

    Fantastic quality wool double crepe at a very competitive price. It arrived in London within 24 hours of placing the order, faster than when I order from UK suppliers!

  53. Adina E.  (Romania) | |verified purchase Color: 901 - Black (Black)

    Excelent quality.

  54. Adina E.  (Romania) | |verified purchase Color: 144 - Cyclamen (Fuxia)

    Outstanding quality. Very nice colour.

  55. . | |verified purchase Color: 123 - Candied (Pink)

    Verry good fabric!

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