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Doppia Crepella MostoWool Double Crêpe - CM002-VM 735

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Fabric Details

CM002-VM - Wool Double Crêpe
735 - Mosto (Purple)Available in other colors →
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Wool Double Crêpe
Used for
100% WO
Dyeing Type
Piece Dyed
150 cm (useful 145 cm)
485 gr/m

Buy online our clothing and fashion fabric 'Mosto' Purple Wool Double Crêpe, Made in Italy.

Our wool double crepe, also known as wool double-face, is a premium fabric in 100% pure wool, featuring a rough, crinkled look and double surface made by using two crepe fabrics. The two layers of crepe fabrics bonded together give the possibility to create high fashion garments since stitching can be made invisible. Wool double crepe is a fine and sophisticated fabric, featuring a clean, non-fuzzy look, perfect to make elegant garments: day and evening dresses, skirts, pants, jackets and light coats.

Mosto Purple Wool Wool Double Crêpe Plain fabric for Ceremony dress, Dress, Jacket, Light Coat, Pants, Party dress, Skirt.


  1. Vibe K.

    Beautiful colour of fabric! The texture is also mid-weight to heavy and perfect for the pleated skirt I am sewing. I will definetely purchase this fabric again, it has both body and weight for structural garments.

  2. Kätlin N.

    Stunning color and best wool, for lightweight jacket!

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