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Tela Lino NaturaleLinen Canvas - CM008-VM 018

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Fabric Details

CM008-VM - Linen Canvas
018 - Naturale (Beige)Available in other colors →
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Linen Canvas
Used for
100% LI
Dyeing Type
Piece Dyed
142 cm (useful 138 cm)
183 gr/m

Buy online our clothing and fashion fabric 'Naturale' Beige Linen Canvas, Made in Italy.

Our yarn dyed linen canvas fabric is fine and sophisticated in its simplicity. Linen has exceptional properties, like its hydroscopic capacity which makes it ideal for wearing next to the skin. Its fibres are anti-static and hypoallergenic. Linen canvas is versatile and suitable for a range of sewing projects, from shirts to dresses, pants, skirts and jackets. All the finished garments made with this fine linen fabric will have a chic and sporty look and will be cool and elegant.

Naturale Beige Linen Linen Canvas Plain fabric for Dress, Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Skirt.


  1. Valentina S.

    I’ve ordered 100% linen in4 colors in big quantity. This color is very nice , my order was sent the same day and arrived to me next day. Thanks!

  2. Adele S.

    Bellissima tela di lino, leggera, fluida, fresca. Anche il colore è un bellissimo colore ecrù/naturale, molto estivo. Nessun problema durante la cucitura del capo, una gonna, del resto avevo già acquistato un taglio in tela di lino ma in colore cielo, che è splendido. Una menzione va poi fatta alla cura dell’imballaggio del tessuto alla consegna che è stata puntualissima.

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