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Crepe De Chine Stretch Perla

Pearl Silver Silk, Stretch Crêpe de Chine Stretch Apparel Fabric

NT058EVM 091495

Pearl silver stretch silk crepe de chine fabric. It combines the elegance of silk with the comfort of a stretch fabric. Light, chic and versatile, it is suitable for blouses, dresses and lingerie. Made in Italy.

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91% SE, 9% EA
134 cm (useful 130 cm)
100 g / m
Dress Shirt Underwear
Care Instructions


Pearl silver stretch silk crepe de chine fabric. It combines the elegance of silk with the comfort of a stretch fabric. Light, chic and versatile, it is suitable for blouses, dresses and lingerie. Made in Italy.

NT058EVM - Dress, Shirt, Underwear
091495 - Pearl ()
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Our silk crepe de chine stretch is an elegant fabric with all of the softness and sheen of silk crepe de chine and the comfort of a stretch fabric. Fine and chic fabric, allows freedom of movement while maintaining its fine quality. Our silk crepe de chine stretch offers unmatched versatility: from underwear to shirts, from blouses to dresses.

18 reviews for Crepe De Chine Stretch Perla

  1. Jelena P.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 062165 - Oil (Green)

    The fabric is very pleasant to the touch, as if oil were flowing over your hand, and sews perfectly. The color is incredibly rich and deep, but it turned out to be a little lighter than in the picture. I made a beautiful blouse!

  2. Tessa L.  (Spain) | |verified purchase Color: 091495 - Pearl (Silver)

    This silk works beautifully with patterns requiring stretch fabric. It was used for a wrap crossover dress with full circle skirt and looks elegant and refined as well as feeling very soft and comfortable to wear.

  3. Matteo D.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 033247 - Candied (Pink)


  4. Patricia D.  (Austria) | |verified purchase Color: 091495 - Pearl (Silver)

    A wonderful Crepe De Chine Stretch, perfect for lining dresses, etc

  5. Susanne V.  (Denmark) | |verified purchase Color: 020758 - Lobster (Orange)

    I recently bought some Crepe De Chine Stretch for the first time. I was exited to see how it would behave when washed. I always wash my silks before sewing on the wool/ silk programme using ‘silk’ soap. This silk washes beautifully. So I will certainly need to purchase some more in future. Thumbs up!

  6. Lilia W.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 052479 - Royal (Blue)

    Sehr guter Stoff, wie erwartet.

  7. Giovanna A.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 033248 - Raspberry (Pink)

    Sono molto contenta del tessuto scelto, corrisponde a quanto ordinato.

  8. Alessio M.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 020757 - Peach (Orange)

    Ottima seta elasticizzata
    Una seta che non si carica.
    Bel colore

  9. Martina T.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 040548 - Violet (Purple)

    Tessuto stupendo. Grazie

  10. Flora S.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 052479 - Royal (Blue)

    E’ un tessuto elegante, piacevole al tatto e adatto alla confezione dell’abito leggero e svasato che sto realizzando.

  11. Melanie D.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 091496 - Aluminium (Gray)

    Qualità insuperabile e rapidità nella consegna. Super soddisfatta!!

  12. Michele C.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 062169 - Shaded Spruce (Green)

    Je suis entièrement satisfaite de ce tissu

  13. Silvana I.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 052479 - Royal (Blue)

    C’est parfait

  14. Emma R.  (Israel) | |verified purchase Color: 033248 - Raspberry (Pink)

    Gorgeous colour, and the added stretch is fantastic!

  15. Binato C.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 040547 - Lavender (Purple)

    Sono molto soddisfatta e la luminosità del tessuto e come me lo aspettavo.

  16. Eleonora K.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 033247 - Candied (Pink)

    Top quality!

  17. Eleonora K.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 033247 - Candied (Pink)

    Very nice quality! Beautiful color!

  18. Nathalie M.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 033242 - Purplish (Red)

    Très belle qualité !

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