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Microfibra Crepe Pavone

Crêpe Microfiber Fabric Blue Pavone


Pavone Blue Polyester Crêpe Microfiber Plain fabric for Dress, Jacket, Light Coat, Pants, Skirt.

 20,55 / m + VAT if applicable

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100% PL
143 cm (useful 140 cm)
320 g / m
Dress Jacket Light Coat Pants Skirt
Care Instructions


Pavone Blue Polyester Crêpe Microfiber Plain fabric for Dress, Jacket, Light Coat, Pants, Skirt.

CM013-VM - Dress, Jacket, Light Coat, Pants, Skirt
006 - Pavone ()
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36 reviews for Microfibra Crepe Pavone

  1. Mariliis P.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 217 - Mint (Green)

    This fabric is such a gem! It doesn’t wrinkle and it drapes beautifully! Also it’s super easy to handle!

  2. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 217 - Mint (Green)

    Perfect dress fabric, easy to sew 😀

  3. Laura H.  (Ireland) | |verified purchase Color: TC000908 - Dark amaranth (Red)

    Beautiful fabric with excellent colour range. Extraordinary service from order to delivery. Professional, neat and fast with excellent communication. Always a pleasure, thank you

  4. Alexandra G.  (Austria) | |verified purchase Color: 262 - Black (Black)

    Wunderschöner Artikel aus dem sich Alles machen lässt. Von Hosen bis zum Abendkleid. Perfekt

  5. Rayisa K.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 259 - Indigo (Blue)

    Bellissimo tessuto.

  6. Matteo D.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 202 - Tobacco (Brown)

    Si lavora facilmente ed ha una buona resa sul capo finale!

  7. Matteo D.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: TC000914 - Dove (Beige)

    Perfetto per abiti o pantaloni!

  8. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 259 - Indigo (Blue)

    Very nice for a dress making.

  9. Cristina Chiara P.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 262 - Black (Black)

    Resa impeccabile per un pantalone e molto bello da lavorare.

  10. Fotini S.  (Greece) | |verified purchase Color: 186 - Meadow (Green)

    So easy to sew. Perfect fit!

  11. Alessio M.  (Germany) | |verified purchase Color: 189 - Carmine (Red)

    Un bel rosso particolare. Tessuto facile da lavorare. Non grinza. Mi interessano gli altri colori.

  12. Pilar B.  (Spain) | |verified purchase Color: 262 - Black (Black)

    Perfecto para pantalones!

  13. Delphine D.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 217 - Mint (Green)

    Ça fait plusieurs fois que je commande ce crêpe qui a un un très beau tombe, la couleur menthe est juste très belle

  14. . | |verified purchase Color: 248 - Aubergine (Purple)


  15. . | |verified purchase Color: 248 - Aubergine (Purple)

    Molto, molto soddisfatta.

  16. Urata D.  (Ireland) | |verified purchase Color: 248 - Aubergine (Purple)

    Amazing quality, fast shipping, great packaging that protects the fabric. Looking forward to our next order 🙂 BEATIFUL COLOUR

  17. Giovanna S.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 217 - Mint (Green)

    Colore incredibile. Adatto sia a capi eleganti di mezza stagione che estivi. Molto versatile

  18. Caroline S.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 179 - Periwinkle (Purple)

    Couleur délicate

  19. Caroline S.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 195 - China (Blue)

    Très belle teinte

  20. Caroline S.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 241 - Bougainvillea (Fuxia)

    Beau tombé

  21. Caroline S.  (Switzerland) | |verified purchase Color: 229 - Sunflower (Yellow)

    Belle finition

  22. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 207 - Optical (White)

    One of my favorites!
    Perfect for dresses and skirts?

  23. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 217 - Mint (Green)

    Favorite summer color and easy to work with!

  24. Matteo D.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 212 - Cream (Beige)

    pesantezza ottima per molti capi! lo abbiamo usato per un pantalone ed è perfetto!

  25. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 181 - Candied (Pink)

    Love the fabric texture and weight. Beautiful colors and very easy to work with ✨

  26. Terri C.  (United States (US)) | |verified purchase Color: 181 - Candied (Pink)

    Beautiful fabric. The drape and texture of it are wonderful. Color was true to sample, and extremely fast delivery!

  27. Monica R.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: TC000454 - Bumblebee (Blue)

    tessuto molto bello per il colore e la consistenza

  28. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 179 - Periwinkle (Purple)

    Love the fabric and color?
    Falls beautifully and feels good on skin.

  29. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 186 - Meadow (Green)

    So beautiful color and comfortable to sew!

  30. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: TC000451 - Pavone (Blue)


  31. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: TC000451 - Pavone (Blue)

    Stunning color and hood fabric:)

  32. Rayisa K.  (Italy) | |verified purchase Color: 248 - Aubergine (Purple)

    Tutti i tessuti sono magnifici

  33. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 217 - Mint (Green)

    Lovely pastel color and very easy to sew!

  34. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 197 - Geranium (Red)

    Really cool color 🙂

  35. Kätlin N.  (Estonia) | |verified purchase Color: 197 - Geranium (Red)

    Very nice, easy to sew.

  36. Mirja T.  (France) | |verified purchase Color: 230 - Saffron (Yellow)

    Tissu très souple qui tombe bien.
    Toujours des couleurs magnifiques.
    Très contente de mon achat

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